You’re either a Purple Cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice.

   –  Seth Godin, "Purple Cow".

The Ron Gan Business Consultancy was established in 1997. Its founder and director Ron Gan, M.Sc., has a 20-year experience in business and organizational consulting.

Mr. Gan serves as a certified business consultant of the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, and as an accredited organizational consultant for the Ministry of Interior.

Our target audience is comprised mainly of small and medium businesses, as well as NGOs with a certain level of business activity.

We can assist you by providing the following consulting services:

Business Strategy Consultancy Services – at the concept stage and for existing businesses.

Marketing Consultancy and Sales Consultancy Services that include: setting up marketing strategy, as well as sales and marketing programs, establishing marketing and sales systems, training sales personnel, supporting sales and marketing processes, customer retention, and service quality enhancement.

Organizational and Management Consultancy Services that include enhancement of management and operation.

Financial Consultancy Services that include: cost accounting, pricing, cash flow management, cash flow forecasts and profit predictions, optimization of the cost of capital in accordance with the banking system, state-guaranteed loans, economic and marketing feasibility study of a business idea and/or a new product or service in an existing business and business plans drafting.

Business Diagnostic Services that include generating business diagnostic report containing strategic and tactical vulnerabilities and suggestions of an improvement plan.

Special Services: we provide business consulting to immigrants and returning residents, fully subsidized by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. In addition, we offer business consulting with a significant funding by the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry, subject to available budget.

Other areas of activity:

–       Initiation and Management of business projects for clients

–       Sales and Marketing Services

–       Business Management Services

–       Organizational and Management Consulting at local authorities

For more details or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 052-2978838.